Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Two: Weigh In!

Week Two Summary (Monday June 8 - Sunday June 14, 2009)

Activity Points Earned: 44
Pounds Lost: 8

Wow, another 8 lbs lost!! That's 15 lbs in TWO weeks. *falls over*

I just started this bootcamp 15 days ago, and I've already had two compliments about looking thinner, and a compliment about looking healthier, and 15 lbs gone! My jeans are feeling less snug and I've got tons of energy.

The obstacle course this week was SO intense. WAY harder than last week. I don't even feel like describing it, I'm too worn out and it would take too long. haha

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  1. Holy Moley!!! That's absolutely fantastic!!!!
    Keep up the great work!