Monday, June 8, 2009

Week Two Begins

Strength - Bootcamp
Workout Length: 75 minutes
Calories Burned: 871 cal (55% fat)

Cardio - Walk
Workout Length: 90 minutes
Calories Burned: 1021 (60% fat)

This morning's bootcamp seems so long ago... I usually post right after I get home, but I had some things to do this morning, and then went for a walk around the lake.

We did a similar work out to last week, but he upped the difficulty a bit -- shorter breaks, less often. We did the usual legs, abs, and arms work out. Using a body bar, we did lots of squats and whatever-they're-called presses where you lift the bar above your head. My arms are still quite weak but getting better!

My allergies are still driving me crazy, and my ankle is really sore. The roof of my mouth is itchy, my eyes are dry, and when I was walking around the lake my ankle felt really tender. I think I'll take it easy tonight... cook some dinner and watch a movie :)

I usually do separate posts for my bootcamp workouts and my cardio workouts, but I'm feeling lazy today (hah lazy? Tired maybe - I earned 10 APs before 1 pm! lol) so I just threw'em both in here.

Blugh. I have all the food in my house to make Thai Red Curry and Bulgur Chickpea Curry. The Bulgur one would probably be okay, but I can't really see my trainer approving of the Thai Red (I only have regular-fat coconut milk, not light). I want to use up the groceries I have. I think as long as I stay within my points, I should be okay. (That worked last week, I did my own thing and lost 7 lbs!)


  1. How do you count that for AP's?? (it's mcandn2 from wwmb's)
    I don't know that I could live through that *laughs* the cardio yes, but the strength...I think I'd die!!!!

  2. Hahaha yeah, an hour of squats and lunges and abs and arms is pretty hard!

    I have a Polar Fitness Watch so I just come home and use the calories burned/workout length to guesstimate my APs. Usually I end up calling the strength LOW intensity and the cardio MODERATE; but really the strength is way harder!! It just doesn't get my heart rate up.

    The bootcamp days I usually earn about 6 APs per session, which is pretty sweet.