Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Packing and Moving

Workout Length: 30 minutes
Calories Burned: 359 (55% fat)

I only did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning because I earned 13 APs yesterday, and I have to pack and move a bunch of my stuff this afternoon. I don't want to exhaust myself! If I'm feeling up to it this evening I'll take a walk, but I figure 30 mins would be okay, for today :)

I did do interval walk/run again... 1 minute run, 1 minute walk, then after I was tired I started doing 1 minute run, 2 minute walk. It worked good! I will keep up with that this week and then next week start the 90 second run 90 second walk (which is basically week 1 of Couch to 5K.)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hot Yoga

Workout Length: 1 hr 45 mins
Calories Burned: 1102 (55% fat)

Even though I suck at it, I love yoga. I especially love hot yoga. It's so intense... you're sweating so hard it's literally dripping off of you... you can see it rolling down your arms and your clothes become so soaked you may as well have just jumped into a lake.

I went a few times in the winter but I had a bad ankle and I hadn't been exercising regularly. I couldn't do many of the poses without using a wall to lean on or modifying them to work for me. I went back today after a month of working out 6 days per week and I was MUCH better! I am no where near good... not even close... but I was able to hold most poses for most of the duration, and at least I could hold my balance a little better.

Anyways... I have earned 13 APs today... time to eat dinner :)

Week 5 Begins :)

Workout Length: 75 minutes
Calories Burned: 840 (50% fat)

Alright! I'm starting my new week off on the right foot :)

I woke up this morning and felt motivated to work hard at the gym. For my cardio warm up I did the Couch to 5K interval running again - 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off... for 15 minutes. I was sweating by the end and it was really great! I was proud of myself for being able to jog for a full minute - last week I was having trouble with 45!

We are doing lots of weights and stuff. They've kicked it up a notch! Monday is Body Bar class, Wednesday is Spinning (good GAWD that's hard) and Friday is Kickboxing. He's also getting more vocal about keeping up to his pace and not breaking between sets.

Anways... I am stinky and cold and tired so I must shower and nap. I am back to counting points since I lost so much in the first two weeks and not as much in the last, and the biggest difference between the two times was not tracking points.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Month One Results!

TOTAL LOSS: 19 lbs

I actually lost 19 lbs in ONE month! Ohmygoodness. I feel like I could have done better because of last week when I gained 1, and I've had some drinks with friends a few times which will slow things down for sure... but 19 lbs? In ONE month? Wow.

The gym owner did my calipers (body fat testing) for the month. I lost an unbelievable amount of fat off my thighs, she actually had to retest 2 times to make sure she was doing it right!! haha.

My bodyfat percentage went down 4.1%. I lost 16.7 lbs of *actual* honest-to-goodness fat. I only lost .5 of lean mass which means I'm really doing things right -

16.7 fat
0.5 lean mass
1.8 water weight

I'm really proud of myself, and all things considered I think that is a great loss - drinks or not, stressful week or not - 19 lbs in one month is excellent :)

Louis CK - Getting Fat

Check out this standup bit:

Louis CK - Getting Fat

This video is not safe for work - lots of swearing and stuff. BUT it's hilarious so if you have a chance at home or whatever to watch, do.
He is my favourite comedian by far. His other stuff is better but I thought I'd post this one 'cause it makes me laugh - I know EXACTLY what he's talking about! LOL

I'm Alive...

I have been doing bootcamp, but nothing more and nothing less. In the first week I was working out twice per day, sticking to my points and super motivated. NOW I'm working out only when and for how long they tell me too, and although I'm eating what they ask me to eat I'm not tracking points. Last week I gained 1 lb. This week I'm just hoping to lose that 1 lb or STS.

My trainer is going to be so disappointed in me. I should be dropping 3-5 lbs per week; and although I lost 15 lbs in 15 days, I then went another 15 days with very little, if any progress. I get my calipers done today so at least we'll see if I lost inches. I do fell kinda bloated and water logged today though because I drank the last two nights in a row.

I keep on having drinks with friends because it's a fun and easy escape from my life. I have been hanging out with the new room mate a lot so we can get to know each other a bit before he moves in. I am pretty apprehensive now, though. I feel like I'm making a HUGE mistake. I think I need to go to counseling... :(

I'm really scared that leaving my husband was a bad choice. I do love him very, very much.

Overall I'm just feeling pretty down. I haven't been spending a lot of time on the computer. I will try to get back into the routine of posting my workouts and stuff. It's just hard when the enthusiasm isn't there!

One thing that is really bothering me is... my new room mate and his friends seem to be fat-phobic. I didn't realize that about him at first, but I've gone with him and his friends to play pool a few times and I am starting to pick up on it. A few nights ago I sat there and listened to them all talk about this really overweight woman in the corner of the pub. She was not dressed appropriately for her body type in my opinion, which is probably why she was attracting the negative attention. If she was sitting in the corner dressed normally they may not even have noticed her. Also, I hear them talk about women the go out on dates with and stuff and they talk about how she 'had a nice body' or 'was a bit bigger' or whatever... very focused on appearance instead of saying 'she was funny' or 'she seemed smart.' It REALLY got to me.

Anyways, it made me feel weird. I forget that I've lost so much weight and I'm not as fat as I used to be. It's been almost a year and a half since I reached 100lbs lost, I've been maintaining at this weight for a while. I am still overweight but I often forget that I am normal-overweight not wow-look-at-her overweight. :(

I feel very sad and confused and messed up about a lot of things. I don't really know where I'm going or what I'm doing, and what is important to me seems to be changing on a daily basis. I can't think :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm working on it...

I went to the gym this morning and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I'm about to head to my mom's house to do some housekeeping - which always makes me sweat. I'm going to eat well again today and try to get in as much water as possible! I think not drinking enough water was a big reason I didn't lose last week (apart from dropping my exercise amount).

When I got dressed this morning I had a hard time picking out a shirt. It's really warm out and I have this nice brown tanktop that I like. I *hate* my arms though. They are misproportionately larger than the rest of my upper body. I have skinny forearms and then really flabby upper arms. It bugs me :(

I looked in the mirror and decided that I'm just going to wear the shirt anyways. I need to start accepting myself and not judging myself. It's time to just be who I am, and take comfort that I'm actively changing things I don't like about myself.

I can feel the muscle under there... it's actually pretty big and hard. I have never really had a bicep before so that's cool! lol... but I still can't wait 'til the chub has melted off of my arms and you can actually SEE the muscle.

Alright... off to be productive. I have bootcamp in the morning and I'd like to get a good night sleep tonight so that I can give it 100% :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tried to Work Out

Workout Length: 20 mins
Calories Burned: 284 (55% fat)

I dragged my butt to the gym this morning, but I only stayed 20 minutes. My mind is not in it with all this stuff happening in my personal life. I had 3 different people ask me where I was yesterday, and I kept hearing music that made me want to cry. I just want to curl up in a ball and not go to work, or the gym, or anywhere :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missed Boot Camp

Yesterday I skipped my regular cardio routine and just went for a walk.
Today I didn't go to boot camp.

I have having problems at home, I shouldn't let that interfere with my bootcamp but I am kind of a mess right now. My trainer is going to KILL me for missing 2 days - and I drank some beer. He'll probably prescribe me 30,000 lunges. lol

My belly aches, my head aches, and my heart aches :(

I'm very sad.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Didn't Sleep.

Workout Length: 75 mins
Calories Burned: 628 (60% fat)

Oh man.

I have a lot on my mind these days, and I did not sleep at all last night. I went to bed really late - midnight - and then I was awake staring at the roof until 5 am, right before my alarm went off. I didn't even sleep 20 mins here 20 mins there - I just didn't sleep at all. Not a wink.

When I got up and got dressed for the gym, I didn't even feel that tired, but I knew I would be a lot weaker and stuff. We did another body bar workout, including legs, abs, and arms, and I was SO dead. I could barely do 10 reps above my head before feeling exhausted. I am usually much better than that.

Anyways I came home and took a nap, I'm a bit better now. I may go for a walk later since I didn't give my all at class this morning.

My trainer was just happy I showed up at all, after explaining to him I had no sleep. lol

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Two: Weigh In!

Week Two Summary (Monday June 8 - Sunday June 14, 2009)

Activity Points Earned: 44
Pounds Lost: 8

Wow, another 8 lbs lost!! That's 15 lbs in TWO weeks. *falls over*

I just started this bootcamp 15 days ago, and I've already had two compliments about looking thinner, and a compliment about looking healthier, and 15 lbs gone! My jeans are feeling less snug and I've got tons of energy.

The obstacle course this week was SO intense. WAY harder than last week. I don't even feel like describing it, I'm too worn out and it would take too long. haha

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bootcamp Blugh

Workout Length: 70 minutes
Calories Burned: 476 (60% fat)

Blugh. I'm just having a blah day. I went to my work out and we did a regular-level body bar class. I can't wait until I'm stronger with the upper body weights (such as lifting weights for 3 sets of 10 reps above my head) gets easier.

Today one of the guys on our team forgot his Bootcamp Book (which is BIG no no, it's the food journal for the trainer to go over your week). For this the whole group had to do 100 extra lunges! Ack... 50 per leg. That was haaaard. He said next time someone forgets their book its 60 per leg, then 70 per leg, and so on. Plllleeeeaaasee don't forget the books, people! lol

I'm not really feeling the food on my menu today, but THANKFULLY I work on the ferry where none of the cafeteria food is suitable for a vegan diet. I'll just enjoy my rice cakes, baked potato, green salad, and fruit... and pretend to LOVE it until I convince myself I love it. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

'Nother Evening Workout

Workout Length: 30 mins
Calories Burned: 490 (50% fat)

I was so pumped after running this morning that I went back to the gym to try it again. I was only able to go for 20 minutes before my ankle (which has been tender for 6 months) decided it was time to stop. Okay, so twice in one day is a little much? Note taken :)

I did 20 mins treadmill and 10 mins elliptical. I have to be back up and at the gym for 5:30. I'm hoping the scale says something nicer in the morning.

I saw two of the BL trainers at my work today, I got to chat with them a bit about how I'm excited about running and how I had a great loss, I'm feeling motivated etc etc... that was nice.

I've already prepared all of tomorrows meals, packed my lunch for work, and written down the points so I'll be totally OP again. 11 days 100% OP... I haven't even touched a single Flex or AP, I've had water every day, I'm on a roll! I'm so impressed with myself :D

Okay, bedtime!

I Rannnnn!

Workout Length: 60 minutes
Calories Burned: Bleep-Bleeeep! Grumble... I got to the gym and realized I forgot to put on my monitor. GRR!

I ran! I ran! I'm sooooo happy!

I got to the gym, and I did 20 minutes on the elliptical. I overheard one of the women on my BL team talking about how she ran on the treadmill. I remembered that I have that "Couch to 5K" podcast on my iPod, so I hopped on over to the treadmill and put it on.

I did week one of the podcast, so it's 90 second intervals of running, followed by 90 second intervals of brisk walking. I couldn't run for the whole 90 seconds, but I was doing between 45 and 60 each interval. I felt SO GOOD!! The endorphins were pumping and I was totally in the zone. By the end I must have looked hilarious because I was running with a big smile on my face, lol.

It was really hard, but it wasn't unbearable, and when it was over I felt better than I've ever felt after a workout in my life! I went home and bragged to everyone who would listen. LOL. I'm so proud and excited :)

I've decided that I love it and am actually going to follow the Couch to 5K program, and my goal is to finish the 8 week program over 10-12 weeks (it may take take me a bit more time than the average person) and hopefully by my birthday (Sept 22) I will be able to run 5K straight in 30 minutes. I don't really care about the time frame, I'd just be happy to be able to accomplish that!

On a not-s0-awesome note, I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm not showing a loss yet this week. Last week I was already showing down 4lbs by Thursday, so for me to not show anything yet is kinda freaking me out. I do feel like this week was a little messed up, with the salty popcorn and not working out 2x per day like I did last week. OH well. I just hope that I show even 1-3 lbs by Saturday... that'd be nice :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Evening Walk...

Workout Length: 50 mins
Calories Burned: 364 (60% fat)

I went for a walk around the harbour this evening. I had a bit of a melt-down after that near-binge this evening. It really effected me, I think because I haven't felt out of control around food in so long, so to feel like that (even if it was just over a bag of popcorn) really scared me and shook me up.

I talked on the phone to some people who are really close to me and it was nice to get my feelings off my chest. I am going to have a quick rinse in the shower and then hopefully fall asleep reasonably quickly.

Back up at 5:30 am for Cardio -

Woo Hoo! CAN'T WAIT!

Stopped Mid-Binge

I just had the most bizarre scenario.

I have been feeling snacky all day, and I've been unable to curb it. I had been sticking to my planned menu, but when I started feeling snacky I had some extra cucumber, baby carrots, snap peas... It didn't help.

I ended up remembering that I had a 1/2 bag of popcorn leftover from the movies last night. (Now remember: Movie popcorn w/no butter is 3x more points/calories than regular air-popped!) I thought "I'll have one handful, it's salty and that might fix my snacking feeling"

One, two, three handfuls later I was still chowing down. I almost felt like I couldn't actually stop if I tried! I haven't felt like that in a LONG time. Looooong time.

I ended up dropping the bag of popcorn in the sink and turning the tap on it. I know that sounds extreme, but if I didn't do that I know I would have devoured the whole bag.

Now I'm cooking the nice healthy dinner I had planned, and I don't think I did too much damage. I have to write it down, and my trainer won't be pleased, BUT I feel kinda proud of myself for coming to my senses mid-binge instead of feeling guilty post-binge.


Exhausted - Week 2 Day 3

Workout Length: 75 minutes
Calories Burned: Unknown :(

I forgot to start my heartrate watch today, not sure how that happened. I love seeing the calories burned so I can gauge how hard I'm working. Today would have been a great day to have it on too because MAN was it a difficult workout!!

I am so insanely exhausted right now. I am going back to bed for an hour before work. I don't know whether the work out was especially hard because I was tired, or if it's just getting harder 'cause they always want to kick our butts just beyond our capabilities.

We did a ton of arm exercises. I had 8lb weights, which isn't that heavy, but when you are doing 3 sets of 15 reps back to back with no break, it's tough.

We did bicep curls, alternating bicep curls, shoulder press, alternating shoulder press, tricep press, alternating tricep press, incline press, alternating incline press... 15 of each, ALL with no break in between... *falls over*

We sit across from a mirror and I could see myself grimacing and hear myself grunting by the end of it! lol

Then we did a bunch of ab and leg exercises, squats and crunches and the usual. I am really bad at using the balance ball. We have to sit on it and lift our feet off the ground and I can only do it for a few seconds at a time, at most. I have no core strength and no coordination! lol

I am super exhausted, I stayed up wayyyyy too late last night. I need to go back to sleep for an hour or I won't make it through my shift!!

(I'm still annoyed my watch didn't track the workout, but oh well)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ah, sleep, sweet sleep...

Workout Length: 45 Minutes
Calories Burned: 756 (45% fat)

I was up at 5 am yesterday, and I didn't take a nap in afternoon. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open by 10 pm last night. Today was my "late" day, I didn't have to be at the gym until 9 am! So I managed to get about 9.5 hours sleep. I feel great :)

My ankle feels a lot better today, too.

I think I exhausted myself yesterday. I burned nearly 2000 calories and earned 10 APs. Today I decided to go a little easier - instead of the 1hr long workout I just did 45 on the Elliptical. I may go for a light walk this evening, but won't feel guilty or disappointed if I don't.

Oh, just a note about music: I used to listen to really upbeat pop-type stuff when at the gym, because even though I didn't really like it it kept me moving. Well I decided to try music I *d0* like, that I listen to at home - like Pearl Jam - (I LOVE Pearl Jam) - and it really made my workout fly by! I had to skip by a few of the slower songs but I think I'll be passing on the pop music from now on.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week Two Begins

Strength - Bootcamp
Workout Length: 75 minutes
Calories Burned: 871 cal (55% fat)

Cardio - Walk
Workout Length: 90 minutes
Calories Burned: 1021 (60% fat)

This morning's bootcamp seems so long ago... I usually post right after I get home, but I had some things to do this morning, and then went for a walk around the lake.

We did a similar work out to last week, but he upped the difficulty a bit -- shorter breaks, less often. We did the usual legs, abs, and arms work out. Using a body bar, we did lots of squats and whatever-they're-called presses where you lift the bar above your head. My arms are still quite weak but getting better!

My allergies are still driving me crazy, and my ankle is really sore. The roof of my mouth is itchy, my eyes are dry, and when I was walking around the lake my ankle felt really tender. I think I'll take it easy tonight... cook some dinner and watch a movie :)

I usually do separate posts for my bootcamp workouts and my cardio workouts, but I'm feeling lazy today (hah lazy? Tired maybe - I earned 10 APs before 1 pm! lol) so I just threw'em both in here.

Blugh. I have all the food in my house to make Thai Red Curry and Bulgur Chickpea Curry. The Bulgur one would probably be okay, but I can't really see my trainer approving of the Thai Red (I only have regular-fat coconut milk, not light). I want to use up the groceries I have. I think as long as I stay within my points, I should be okay. (That worked last week, I did my own thing and lost 7 lbs!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week One: Weigh In!

Week One Summary (Monday June 1 - Sunday June 7, 2009)

Calories Burned: 6,487
Activity Points Earned: 44
Pounds Lost: 7

Oh my goodness!! *squeeeee*

I lost SEVEN pounds! Seven!

I'm so proud of myself. That is the most weight I have ever lost in one week. My very first week of WW'ers (nearly 3 years ago - yikes) resulted in 5.6... and that was my record to date - so this is AWESOME. Heck seven pounds is more than I usually lose in three weeks.

I am so happy. At this rate, I'll be back at my lowest weight in 3-4 weeks instead of the 3-4 months I had figured. :)


Group Workout Number Two

Workout Length: 70 minutes
Calories Burned: 1012 (50% fat)

Today was group workout number two. It was another obstacle course, but different. We warmed up with squats, lunges, push ups, crunches, Rinse, Repeat. :)

Station one: This reminded me of a police academy type deal... or like the course you see on X-Weighted. There was a mesh tunnel we had to crawl through, then get up and run through tires which were laying on the ground (classic obstacle course stuff). We then had to kick a soccer ball around 5 pylons, and at the end do 20 squats with a medicine ball above our heads.
RUN back to the start and do it again.

Station two: Same as last week, jog around the field three times with a medicine ball, this time we had to pass it to the person behind us, alternating left and right to work our sides (not sure the muscle names). When you are the back of the line you run up to the front of the line and pass it behind you.

Station three: Tug of war again, best 2 outta 3. This was followed by Boston Bulldog (think Red Rover). Our team had to link arms and not let the other team by... we had to tag them to get them out. This was harder than it sounds! Lots of running. lol

Station four: We split into two teams and had to race to get empty our bucket of tennis balls. Each ball had a exercise on it (squat kicks, crunches, jumping jacks, etc). We'd run back and our whole team would have to do this for 30 seconds before we could run to get the next ball. The team to empty their bucket first won.

Final Station: Dodgeball! All 7 trainers wandered around the perimeter of the field throwing balls into the center, while us BL participants ran around inside... once you got hit with a ball you were out. The last person standing won $100 worth of protein powder! Awesome.

Then we walked back up the gym. I feel great, but I was covered in hives from the grass. I'll have to remember to take a Benedryl next week! lol

Anyways, I should relax and take a shower, since I have to be up at 5am for WEEK TWO!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Grump Grump Grump.

I wanted to go for a walk this evening but I can't find anyone to go with me. Everyone is either drinking wine, going out for desserts, watching movies, or doing whatever else. I don't feel like going alone. It's already after 9:30 pm.

I think I'll feel bad if I don't go, but at the same time... relaxing does sound nice.

I don't want to boredom eat, and I don't want to sit around and do nothing. But I also don't feel like walking downtown by myself.

I don't know. I'm torn :(


Workout Length: 80 minutes
Calories Burned: 872

Today was bootcamp round 3. We were in the boxing ring, and did lots of legs and a little arms.
I started with 20 minutes of cardio, then went into the ring and we had to do 3 laps side-shuffling around.

We did 3 sets of push-ups...
10 second hold when down, 1 second hold when up x 4
then 10 regular ones.

Then using the boxing ring ropes we did leaning squats, which was actually really hard because there was 1 set up upper squats, 1 of lower, and 3 of full. My legs were burning after!

When we did lunges we had to hold them for 3 sets each..
3 sets of 30 second hold
3 sets of 45 second hold
3 sets of 60 second hold

I wish they went longer to shorter, cause by the end holding a lunge for 60 seconds is really hard! I did it though. My trainer kept shouting "don't focus on the pain! Focus on what you're doing today! Don't think about the burn!" But when he was saying that it made me think about it... I would have been better off in my own zone if he wasn't shouting about how it hurts! LOL

Ugh, we then did leg lifts. On all fours, lifting your back foot 10 times slowly, 10 times fast, then straighten your leg and lift it 10 slow/10 fast. (Then switch legs and repeat). We had to do this 3 times and it was A LOT harder than it sounds (or looks).

We did a few sets of arm exercises using the ring: pull ups (kinda like push ups, but pulling up your own body weight) and tricep dips.

After that we did a bunch of ab exercises. Crunches, etc. It was hard. haha. I have very weak abs, so I can do the first half no problem but by the end of the sets I'm pretty much just laying there with my hands behind my head... hahah (I still try, but I go no where, lol)

Anyways it was a pretty good work out. I still think Wednesday was the hardest!

I plan to walk around the lake tonight, or hit the gym, because tomorrow is rest-day and I'd like to get one last little workout in before that. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4

Workout Length: 68 minutes
Calories Burned: 1081 (45% fat)

I can't tell if my neurosis/slight OCD is a help or a hindrance! haha

I get on the treadmill and I think "I'll go for 30 minutes."
I lose track of time and it's been 35.

Well, I may as well go for 45, so I hop on the Elliptical.
At 45 minutes I've burned 930 calories.

Well, I may as well make it 1000!
I reach 1000 calories and I'm at 52 minutes "In Zone" (heartrate watch)
Hmm, may as well make it 60.

At 68 minutes and 1081 calories I decide this could go on forever... lol. It's not a nice round number but it's better that I step away from the gym equipment before I drive myself bonkers. haha!

I'm going back to bed for an hour... That worked for me yesterday :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Late Night Walk

Workout Length: 30 minutes
Calories Burned: 218 (60% fat)

It's so hot in my apartment I actually had to go for a walk to cool off. I was feeling a bit restless, too. Unfortunately now it's 11 pm and I have to wake up at 5:15 am. Blugh.

I am of to have a cool shower and then hopefully I'll fall asleep quickly.
I've already worked out 330 minutes in 3 days - awesome.

I'll post again in the a.m.


Butt Kicking Round Deux

Workout Length: 75 minutes
Calories Burned: 469 (60% fat)

I'm so tired :(
And I hurt all over :(

I got up at 5 and went to bootcamp. Holy crap, that was HARD. Leo kicked my butt so feirce, I am sore already. I have really weak arms and we did a lot of arm exercises with free weights and stuff. We also did some abs with the balance ball and I'm way weaker in my stomach than I even thought.

I remember going to yoga and occasionally we would do stretches that would actually make some people cry because they were so stress-relieving. I've teared up in yoga before, too. My eyes watered twice today, not because it was hard and I wanted to stop, but because there is such a huge release when stretching after exercising. It feels so good!

I asked my trainer about the protein thing. I'm supposed to be eating 5 oz of proteinous foods, not 5 oz of protein! hahah... that explains it. So a big piece of tofu, or a veggie burger or whatever will cut it. I don't need to be stuffing myself on protien bars and drinks and beans and whatnot.

Thank gawd.

Alright, I'm going back to bed for an hour...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Evening Workout

Workout Length: 35 minutes
Calories Burned: 405

I'm having trouble eating all my points again today. It's very weird, I've never had a problem before (in fact, I usually ate a couple flex points each day, too). I figured that all the extra exercise would actually make me more hungry more often... but that's not the case. I may have to cut the protein drinks to evenings only so I have an appetite in the day!

I did another work out this evening. I didn't want to over do it since I already did 1 hour this morning and have to be back for an hour and a half tomorrow morning. I did 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the stairmaster, and 15 minutes on the treadmill.

It was kinda nice because I ran into one of the Biggest Loser trainers, and she was like "Oh, weren't you already here this morning?" I said Yep... She was really impressed, I get the impression I'm the only one so far who has been working out twice per day because she was really surprised. haha

I bought a blender to start making smoothies... yum yum! I have some vega powder so I'm going to make a yummy fruit smoothie for breakfast tomorrow. Yay :)

I Lurve the Elliptical

Workout Length: 65 minutes
Calories Burned: 1089

I forgot how much I love the elliptical! When I was going to the gym religiously a few years ago, I loved the elliptical trainer. It was my favourite machine. I got on one today for the first time in months and the romance was rekindled...

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and had to pee but I was so achy and so sore that I could barely roll out of bed. While I was in there I took two extra strength Tylenol. I never take painkillers - maybe once or twice per year - so that says a lot about how sore I was. I woke up feeling a bit better, the sleep really helped.

I did 60 minutes on the elliptical, 5 minute cool down, and I wanted to keep going but decided instead that I'll get some more exercise this evening. An hour at a time is plenty! Later this evening I'll walk outdoors.

I haven't been following The Biggest Loser meal plan very closely. Instead I'm continuing to do Weight Watchers. BL follows the same structure I do: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack. They have meat at ever dinner so I've been doing my own vegan WW friendly dinners instead... still ensuring I get the carbs and protein that they want me to. They have some good ideas for snacks, which I have actually been following because it's a nice break from the regular baby-carrots-and-apples rut I've been in.

Oh and... I weighed myself this morning and I was down 4 lbs... AWESOME... 4 lbs in 3 days? wow. I will check myself every 3-4 days just to make sure I'm on track... this IS a competition after all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Hungry

I found it really hard to eat all my points today, and that NEVER happens to me. Ever.
I am thinking maybe the vegan protein powder is keeping me full so I'm not really craving food. I could barely finish my dinner, but I forced myself to because I knew I couldn't be under my points - especially with all the exercise I'm doing.
I'm really sore and I'm really glad they partnered us up with someone because if I didn't have someone meeting me at the gym in the morning I'd TOTALLY just skip out! haha.

I went for a walk this evening, too... It wasn't much but it earned me a the few extra activity points I wanted. That was 10 today. I'm going to aim for 10 on my days off, and 7 on workdays.

Groan... Moan...

I'm so sore. I feel like I'm going to die.

That is all.

Too Early to be Alive....

Workout Length: 1 hr 20 min
Calories Burned: 1050

I slept terribly last night. I tried to go to bed at 11:00, but didn't end up falling asleep until 1 am. I remember looking at the clock at 12:40, still wide awake, and then a bit after that I finally drifted off. I woke up three or four times during the night, when finally the alarm went off at 4:50 am.

To state the obvious: that's really early.

I threw on my gym clothes and rushed to the gym. We had decided that anyone who is late has to do 30 pushups, haha! I got there at 5:29:55! Thank goodness.

I did 20 minutes on the treadmill... speed 3.5 incline 3-8. I'd have gone longer but that was just our warm up. I considered hopping back on after our workout but decided I'll save my energy and exercise again this evening!


Squats with vertical pole - 10 slow, 10 fast, 10 second hold. (3 sets)
Stiff leg deadlift with bent over row - 10 reps each, (3 sets)
Barbell curls with shoulder press - 21 reps/10 reps (3 sets)
Vertical bar french press w/squats - 10 reps each (3 sets)
Wall push ups - 20 reps (3 sets)
Lunges with vertical bar, knee raises - 10 reps each (3 sets)

On the mat - 10 reps and 3 sets each

Basic Crunches
Crunches w/one knee up
Crunches w/ one knee in/out

Switch legs and do it again

Crunches w/both knees up
Upper and lower abs together
Basic Crunches

10 minute full body stretch

I was home and showered and totally finished by 7:30 am. It's weird this early in the morning... I can't call anyone to chat, I can't run my errands... I'm almost thinking I may go back to bed! haha. I plan to do some more cardio this evening, probably just light though - like a walk around the harbour or something.

I am going to have trouble spreading my points over the course of the day, considering it's 9 am and I've already had breakfast and a snack! I'll have to pick up tons of veggies so that I've got 0 point snacks throughout the day.

I may write more later... I'm in desperate need of a nap.