Friday, June 12, 2009

Bootcamp Blugh

Workout Length: 70 minutes
Calories Burned: 476 (60% fat)

Blugh. I'm just having a blah day. I went to my work out and we did a regular-level body bar class. I can't wait until I'm stronger with the upper body weights (such as lifting weights for 3 sets of 10 reps above my head) gets easier.

Today one of the guys on our team forgot his Bootcamp Book (which is BIG no no, it's the food journal for the trainer to go over your week). For this the whole group had to do 100 extra lunges! Ack... 50 per leg. That was haaaard. He said next time someone forgets their book its 60 per leg, then 70 per leg, and so on. Plllleeeeaaasee don't forget the books, people! lol

I'm not really feeling the food on my menu today, but THANKFULLY I work on the ferry where none of the cafeteria food is suitable for a vegan diet. I'll just enjoy my rice cakes, baked potato, green salad, and fruit... and pretend to LOVE it until I convince myself I love it. :)


  1. Holy Crapamoly Batman! 100 EXTRA lunges?? How many are you doing to begin with? How are you able to walk??

    And no one killed this dude? ;)

    Okay, so he's a team mate, the purpose is to support each other I guess, but I didn't even have to do the extra lunges and I'm

    Now I know why they call it Bootcamp, that is just insane! I could never do that many lunges!

  2. Hahah yeah we were all pretty irked at him, but what can you do right?? It very easily could have been me, I'm usually a scatterbrain but I will NEVER forget my book with THAT as a punishment! lol

    I'm walking okay, I can feel it in my legs a bit but it sounds worse than it was in reality I think. (When he said we were doing 100 lunges I nearly died, but when I did them it was do-able). We did 10 right, 10 left, switch... for 5 sets. If I had to do 50 staight per leg I think I would have passed out! haha

  3. When I was doing lunges in my workout I would do one set of 15 per leg, and that's it! I'd nearly die just trying to get to 15, but maybe I should have attempted more than one set, I never would have dreamed that many lunges were possible, but perhaps it's because we underestimate the ability to recover between sets. I'm not doing them now, my knees have been bothering me and they HATED lunges, but I've felt guilty tho...well, a little bit anyway ;)

  4. Hi there. You mentioned a monitor that tracks calories burned, could you tell me what the brand is. I am interested in getting one. Thanks a bunch.

  5. Hi Sharon!

    It's a Polar fitness watch, I bought it at the gym. I believe you can pick them up in sporting goods stores, too... like SportCheck.

    In Canada the websited is:

    I own the F6 model, it's great! :)

  6. Thanks so much for the info. I will check out SportCheck.