Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ah, sleep, sweet sleep...

Workout Length: 45 Minutes
Calories Burned: 756 (45% fat)

I was up at 5 am yesterday, and I didn't take a nap in afternoon. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open by 10 pm last night. Today was my "late" day, I didn't have to be at the gym until 9 am! So I managed to get about 9.5 hours sleep. I feel great :)

My ankle feels a lot better today, too.

I think I exhausted myself yesterday. I burned nearly 2000 calories and earned 10 APs. Today I decided to go a little easier - instead of the 1hr long workout I just did 45 on the Elliptical. I may go for a light walk this evening, but won't feel guilty or disappointed if I don't.

Oh, just a note about music: I used to listen to really upbeat pop-type stuff when at the gym, because even though I didn't really like it it kept me moving. Well I decided to try music I *d0* like, that I listen to at home - like Pearl Jam - (I LOVE Pearl Jam) - and it really made my workout fly by! I had to skip by a few of the slower songs but I think I'll be passing on the pop music from now on.


  1. Ahhh, I'm still envious that you met Eddie!!!

    Swoon, just imagine you are running to him :)

  2. SWOON indeed!! Ohmyyy...

    That's a really great idea, I think I'll try that tomorrow! lol