Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stopped Mid-Binge

I just had the most bizarre scenario.

I have been feeling snacky all day, and I've been unable to curb it. I had been sticking to my planned menu, but when I started feeling snacky I had some extra cucumber, baby carrots, snap peas... It didn't help.

I ended up remembering that I had a 1/2 bag of popcorn leftover from the movies last night. (Now remember: Movie popcorn w/no butter is 3x more points/calories than regular air-popped!) I thought "I'll have one handful, it's salty and that might fix my snacking feeling"

One, two, three handfuls later I was still chowing down. I almost felt like I couldn't actually stop if I tried! I haven't felt like that in a LONG time. Looooong time.

I ended up dropping the bag of popcorn in the sink and turning the tap on it. I know that sounds extreme, but if I didn't do that I know I would have devoured the whole bag.

Now I'm cooking the nice healthy dinner I had planned, and I don't think I did too much damage. I have to write it down, and my trainer won't be pleased, BUT I feel kinda proud of myself for coming to my senses mid-binge instead of feeling guilty post-binge.



  1. WAY TO GO PJ!!! :D That is awesome how you put the breaks on it before it got out of hand!

    When I find myself feeling the same way it is usually because I've been exercising a lot and haven't been meticulous about getting enough protein in. Make sure you're fueling yourself properly, you are doing an insane amount of exercise these days! I figure when my body is being so insistent that I eat, it must be trying to tell me something important.

  2. Thanks! I feel better about it today, I was kinda bummed last night but I'm good now.

    I totally think you're right about the protein. When I looked at my journal for that day, I only had salad with a few chickpeas and veggies for lunch, and fruit as a snack in the afternoon. I made sure today to have rice and tofu for lunch so that it wouldn't happen again :)