Sunday, June 7, 2009

Group Workout Number Two

Workout Length: 70 minutes
Calories Burned: 1012 (50% fat)

Today was group workout number two. It was another obstacle course, but different. We warmed up with squats, lunges, push ups, crunches, Rinse, Repeat. :)

Station one: This reminded me of a police academy type deal... or like the course you see on X-Weighted. There was a mesh tunnel we had to crawl through, then get up and run through tires which were laying on the ground (classic obstacle course stuff). We then had to kick a soccer ball around 5 pylons, and at the end do 20 squats with a medicine ball above our heads.
RUN back to the start and do it again.

Station two: Same as last week, jog around the field three times with a medicine ball, this time we had to pass it to the person behind us, alternating left and right to work our sides (not sure the muscle names). When you are the back of the line you run up to the front of the line and pass it behind you.

Station three: Tug of war again, best 2 outta 3. This was followed by Boston Bulldog (think Red Rover). Our team had to link arms and not let the other team by... we had to tag them to get them out. This was harder than it sounds! Lots of running. lol

Station four: We split into two teams and had to race to get empty our bucket of tennis balls. Each ball had a exercise on it (squat kicks, crunches, jumping jacks, etc). We'd run back and our whole team would have to do this for 30 seconds before we could run to get the next ball. The team to empty their bucket first won.

Final Station: Dodgeball! All 7 trainers wandered around the perimeter of the field throwing balls into the center, while us BL participants ran around inside... once you got hit with a ball you were out. The last person standing won $100 worth of protein powder! Awesome.

Then we walked back up the gym. I feel great, but I was covered in hives from the grass. I'll have to remember to take a Benedryl next week! lol

Anyways, I should relax and take a shower, since I have to be up at 5am for WEEK TWO!


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