Friday, June 5, 2009


Workout Length: 80 minutes
Calories Burned: 872

Today was bootcamp round 3. We were in the boxing ring, and did lots of legs and a little arms.
I started with 20 minutes of cardio, then went into the ring and we had to do 3 laps side-shuffling around.

We did 3 sets of push-ups...
10 second hold when down, 1 second hold when up x 4
then 10 regular ones.

Then using the boxing ring ropes we did leaning squats, which was actually really hard because there was 1 set up upper squats, 1 of lower, and 3 of full. My legs were burning after!

When we did lunges we had to hold them for 3 sets each..
3 sets of 30 second hold
3 sets of 45 second hold
3 sets of 60 second hold

I wish they went longer to shorter, cause by the end holding a lunge for 60 seconds is really hard! I did it though. My trainer kept shouting "don't focus on the pain! Focus on what you're doing today! Don't think about the burn!" But when he was saying that it made me think about it... I would have been better off in my own zone if he wasn't shouting about how it hurts! LOL

Ugh, we then did leg lifts. On all fours, lifting your back foot 10 times slowly, 10 times fast, then straighten your leg and lift it 10 slow/10 fast. (Then switch legs and repeat). We had to do this 3 times and it was A LOT harder than it sounds (or looks).

We did a few sets of arm exercises using the ring: pull ups (kinda like push ups, but pulling up your own body weight) and tricep dips.

After that we did a bunch of ab exercises. Crunches, etc. It was hard. haha. I have very weak abs, so I can do the first half no problem but by the end of the sets I'm pretty much just laying there with my hands behind my head... hahah (I still try, but I go no where, lol)

Anyways it was a pretty good work out. I still think Wednesday was the hardest!

I plan to walk around the lake tonight, or hit the gym, because tomorrow is rest-day and I'd like to get one last little workout in before that. :)

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