Friday, September 3, 2010


Ugh, I am so super full right now. In fact, I sort of feel like this fish:

My boyfriend made two loaves of fresh whole wheat focaccia bread, so we had veggie paninis for lunch. It seems that deciding to do this bootcamp has given me an excuse to stop counting points and just eat until I'm full. Bad idea!! I wanted a little scoop of ice-cream and maybe to share a bottle of wine with Joe, simply because it will be 12 weeks before I'm able to do those things again - however I've taken it a bit far by abandoning points altogether. I haven't gone crazy or anything, I've still been eating healthful - as I always do - however I've taken a bigger helping here and an extra bite there - and now I feel like the fish in this comic!! hehe

Anyways, I've got a big glass of water and I'm going make something light, fresh and healthy for dinner - probably just salad. I'll be counting points again tomorrow. Perhaps I can get some APs in tonight or tomorrow as well. It's amazing to me that I really do NOT like the feeling of being full, where before, at my highest weight - that is what I would strive for.

I also love that I can curb myself really fast now. I have one not-even-that-bad day and it's right back on track... simply because I really don't like the feeling of being out of control, or eating too much, or eating poorly. It makes me feel yucky.

I work a lot for the next few days and then it back to school. Bootcamp starts in T-9 days!! Sunday September 12th will be our first outdoor workout. I will post a frumpy, flabby, unflattering "before" pic for all of you to enjoy :)

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