Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cardio only day

5 min walk/jog to gym
10 min elliptical
8 min row machine
5 min treadmill
5 min walk home
5 min stretching

B: Natures Path cereal with blueberries & almond milk
S: Apple and Ryvita with natural peanut butter
L: Vegan chili with crackers
S: Grapes and 1/2 cookie
D: Beans with brown rice and veggies

5L water :)

I am sore today! I also realized that I have not been pushing myself at the gym these past few months, so although my times look short it's because I was actually kicking my own butt on the machines. Hehehe

Edited to add:

Oh! I forgot to mention the neatest game on the row machines at the gym!! They have this setting for "Fish Game", and you're this little automated fish that has to move up and down, trying to eat smaller fish and avoid bigger fish. You automatically float to the bottom until you use the rower machine to pull and that gives you a burst in the upwards direction. So to move quickly away, you have to row quickly!! Each round is 4 minutes, and at the end it tells you how many metres you rowed, as well as your average speed, and points earned for fish. It was SO FUN!! I could see myself getting addicted to that machine. I wish all workout machines had games like that!!

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