Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One mistake per day?

I seem to be getting into this strange habit of making a mistake each day with my meal plan or exercise. I'll be totally, 100% on plan, things will be going fabulously - and then OOPS! I ate a cookie. Or OOPS, Starbucks accidentally gave me something sugary, instead of the plain tea I ordered... and I drink it anyways.

I'm just wondering why I allow myself those little blips. It's weird, I don't feel THAT bad about them, but it makes me wonder if having a PERFECT day is even possible.

Today I wanted to get 40 minutes of cardio, but the fire alarm went off at the gym and it rang and rang forever... totally taking me out of my zone. I cut out 15 minutes early. YES I walked around the mall for 2 hours afterwards, but it's not the same.

I might look at tomorrow or Thursday and REALLY put the effort in to make it 100% perfect. It is hard when I have all kinds of delicious vegan treats laying about :)

I went shopping for new work/teaching pants (teaching pants? lol) today, and both pairs I bought were a size 18. The fit is really nice & flattering. They will fit great for my upcoming practicum, and will likely be a bit baggy for the practicum after that - if all goes according to plan. Based on that I tried to buy them nice and snug and not too expensive. I'm hoping I don't have to get another pair until the bootcamp is over (although I can't be TOO peeved if I do - being smaller would be nice!)

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