Monday, September 6, 2010


It's a grey and rainy holiday Monday. It was hard to drag myself out of bed this morning. I imagine there will be much internet surfing to be had at work today, as there are not many visitors roaming the grey rainy streets with all the shops closed.

Yesterday I was feeling uber-productive. I cleaned the entire house - and not just a light tidy. I pulled out furniture and swept all the forgotten crevices where the sun don't shine... I cleaned out drawers and closets, scrubbed the bathroom and washed the floors. All the laundry is done and there is not a thing out of place! I love it :)

Speaking of cleaning out drawers and closets - I did an overhaul on my wardrobe. I tried on every single item I own - pants, skirts, t-shirts, dresses, sweaters. If it was even remotely too big I chucked it into a donation box. I only kept things that either fit perfectly now, or were too small and will fit soon.

I discovered a pair of jeans in my drawer that used to be too tight...
I put them on and they look fabulous!

My boyfriend was ogling me, it was hilarious... I didn't realize the jeans I'd been wearing were too big and frumpy until I put on ones that actually FIT. Wearing clothes that fit properly really make a difference to your figure. Wearing those jeans made me look 10lbs lighter!!

Anyways, it was a great discovery. I have two more too-small jeans in the drawer just waiting to be worn. I figure they'll fit at the end of my bootcamp :)

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