Friday, September 17, 2010

Well my life has been really busy. I'm juggling full time school, part time work, and this crazy commitment to exercise. On top of all that I need to function in my life - keep the house tidy, keep the fridge stocked, and spend some time with my boyfriend. I feel like it's going to be a very packed few months!! Thankfully after Thanksgiving my work hours are lowered a bit, which will give me a second day off per week.

Workouts have been good - Wednesday night we used the big exercise balls and did free weight workouts - french press, tricep press etc; as well we did a lot of ab work which I was really struggling with! I could hardly follow the routine, I ended up modifying it to my own ability.

Yesterday was a cardio only day, so I rode my bike to and from school. It's funny because I think about how my grandpa used to tell the stories of having to "walk up hill in the snow, in my pajamas, BOTH WAYS!" I always thought uphill both ways - that's impossible! Well, it's NOT impossible where I live! haha. I live on top of a hill which is on top of a hill. You can see my place from most of Nanaimo. The university is on top of a large steep hill as well. Soooo, technically to get to school or home I am going downhill for the first bit, and uphill the rest of the way. I was a sweaty mess by the time I got there!

The scale is looking good but I don't want to get my hopes up. It's my time of the month, plus I feel like I've been eating too much. My trainer keeps bugging me to eat more but I really am satisfied with the amount I've been eating. I haven't been counting points or calories, just eating what they say to eat when I'm hungry, and stopping when I'm satisfied. It has been good so far but I might just start tracking again to make sure I'm not eating too little or too much. I'd really hate for food to be the thing that determines my success, since it is the one thing that I'm really good at!!

Today was supposed to be really busy for me - I had to duck out of class early to head for work, and then go to the later time slot of my exercise class. So I leave class and head to work - just to find out when I get there that I read the e-mail wrong and I work NEXT Friday!! So I walk home, picking up some lunch on the way home (a container of vegetarian chili). When I got home I realized that I hadn't packed my house keys since I assumed I would be home in the evening when Joe would be there to let me in. (I was running late, couldn't find them, dismissed them as unimportant). Anyhoo - now here I am. Sitting in the grass in my backyard, eating chili with only crackers as a spoon, and blogging with a dying laptop battery. Joe should be home in about an hour and half. If there was an earlier exercise class I'd just head over there, since I'm already in my work out clothes and have nothing else to do, but unfortunately the next one isn't until 4:30 - the one I'm scheduled in.

Le Sigh. I suppose I could just enjoy the outdoors for a bit, or try to get ahead on some homework. Hopefully I don't have to pee anytime soon...

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