Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Bootcamp - Starting Stats!!

I start the fitness bootcamp on Sunday night. I enrolled today. It was simple, I just had to fork over more than two months rent, my soul, my first born child, and an arm. They said taxes have recently gone up (dang HST), so technically I owed them a leg, too.

So here it is. The big weigh and measure. I expected to not be as fit as I was when I left bootcamp last time, but it turned out not to be so bad. 1 year of intermittent, half hearted exercise has not reduced me to a gelatinous blob. I actually weigh 10 lbs lighter and am12.5 inches smaller. Go Me!

Here are the digits:

Weight: 230lbs

Pec - 23
Subscapular - 39
Bicep - 14
Tricep - 26
Kidney - 50
Suprailiac - 26
Abdominal - 35
Quadracep - 52
Medial Calf - 23
** calipers are sort of wacky for me, because I've lost so much weight and have excess skin. They may not be entirely accurate, however measuring them will still show progress. It's kinda like a scale that isn't calibrated to start, but will still show a downward trend.

Chest - 40"
Waist - 40"
Hips - 48.5"
Arms - 14.5"
Legs - 29.5"
Calves - 17.5"

Lean Mass: 152.2 lbs
Fat on my body: 77.8 lbs

Lean Mass + 20-30lbs fat (optimal health) = 172.2 - 182.2 lbs

That means me losing 47.8 to 57.8 lbs...

Sounds about right to me!! I would be very happy at 182 lbs. Ultimately my personal goal is 177.5, which may seem like a trivial number, however it is exactly half my start weight. It also falls into the right weight range for optimal health, according to MY BODY. My lean mass, my personal fat percentage. :)


  1. I am fastening my seatbelt and hanging on tight cause I can't wait to come along for this ride! I am excited to read your posts and am expecting to continue to be inspired by your determination, focus and hard work. Yay

  2. Great goal! Good thinking about dividing it in half .. that might be what I do now too. Awesome. You look awesome. I wish I had better progress pictures. That is unbelievable. I probably started around the same time as you. It's good to see someone sticking it out! Great job!

    -- WWOnline-Lebel86

  3. THANK YOU LADIES!! You guys inspire me as much, if not more, than I inspire you :) It is so nice to hear these wonderful comments!