Thursday, September 23, 2010


Alright so I haven't written since Sunday. My week has been a bit scrambled, and unfortunately it is not looking good on the scale.
I missed my Monday bootcamp and Tuesday cardio to go camping. While I was camping I did my best for food choices, however veggie dogs did make a convenient lunch, and apparently my trainer doesn't think that was a good choice. I did get lots of exercise, I was BEYOND SORE from climbing some really tall trees (see pic above) and we did a few beach walks and a nice long kayak. Unfortunately, when I got home from the trip my parents wanted to take me out for dinner (it was my birthday). We went for my favourite - Thai food. I did manage to make better choices, I had a tofu stirfry that wasn't in a coconut milk sauce. I had one veggie spring roll and stuck to water. The following night, my actual birthday, we just had salad and baked tofu for dinner. It was light and fresh and yummy. I did go to the gym on my b-day, (Wednesday), and I did my "make up" session today. I made sure to get a little extra cardio too, however the scale is not being nice. I'm quite worried that I'm going to have a gain this Sunday. After that awesome loss, I really would like to at LEAST have a stay the same!!

I want this week to be over, gain or not, so I can get on with a better week. I want to be able to attend MY class time with my trainer and teammates, I want to pay closer attention to following the meal plan. It's just been an off week all around and I just hope it doesn't result in a gain!!

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  1. Hang in there P.j. Last week was merely a blip on the radar of your life. Even though you didn't work the program to the fullest(although the climbing trees and kayaking in my mind is working to the fullest) you weren't horrible.

    Shake it off, no matter what the scale says and push forward. Keep up the great attitude!