Monday, September 13, 2010

Day One. Ouchie.

Cardio warm up: 5 minute walk to gym, plus 15 minutes of walking/jogging combo on the treadmill. Incline 2, alternating speeds 3.5 & 4.5

Today we started with the following:

squats with vertical pole (30 slow reps, 30 fast reps)
stiff leg deadlift with bent over row (60 reps)
barbell curls with shoulder press (30 reps)
vertical bar french press with squats (20 reps)
push ups (60)
lunges, crunches (in various capacities: basic, alternating holding one leg up, legs moving in and out, both knees up, etc) (140 - 2 sets of 10 reps each position)
lunges with knee raises (60)
superman drill (120)

We went through that sequence twice!

Then we stretched for a few minutes.

Now I'm sore :(

My food today:

B: Nature's Path cereal, blueberries & almond milk
S: Apple, almonds
L: Tortilla with Gardien mock chicken breast, lettuce, tomato & mustard
S: Pear, 1/2 cookie
D: Vegan chili with small slice whole grain focaccia

I also drank 5L of water.

My trainer is dumb. I know more about proper form than he does. He kept telling us to "straighten our legs" when locking your knees is NOT GOOD! I would keep the slightest bend and he'd come by and say "straighten your legs!"
HELLOooo... You are not supposed to lift weights with locked knees!! Clearly all those years as a Chippendales dancer were NOT used to pay his way through university...

Also, he calls for reps toooooo fast! He says "updown updown updown" when there should be a slow up and down movement, like "up two three, down two three" because just moving the barbells up and down that fast is mostly working on momentum, and not actually engaging the muscles. Luckily, I know my way around a gym and I've done lots of training before, but the other people in the group (who are paying a LOT of money!) are not being given the best information possible. I ran these perceived mistakes by my boyfriend (who is also a personal trainer!) and he agreed with me that I was right. He thinks I should mention it to the manager if I'm not comfortable mentioning it to the trainer. Someone could get hurt!

Ugh. I did get a great workout though, and the people on my team seem really nice :)
I think I'll take a hot bath to relax my muscles a bit, and then go cuddle on the couch with my wonderful, lovely, perfect-for-me boyfriend :) <3

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  1. Wow, sounds like you are off to a great start P.J. Why don't you ask your trainer why he is asking you to straighten your legs when you thought the rule was to NOT straighten them. I only say this because my trainer also makes me do quick reps when lifting weights, generally it is to fatigue my muscles so that when I start to lift the heavier weights I am getting more benefit from lifting them slowly (I may have explained that entirely wrong, lol) Anyway, I would mention it before someone gets hurt.