Sunday, September 12, 2010

Orientation Day

So today was a little bit anti-climactic, which I suppose is a good thing. We spent the first hour going over things I already know - how to turn on an elliptical, how to properly get on and off the treadmill, emphasis on food being a key component of weight loss. Blah blah blah.

GET THIS. My new trainer?

He's an ex Chippendales dancer....

ha ha ha!!

Yes, he's a pretty boy, EXTREMELY muscular (likely could crush my head with a bicep curl) and I'm sure he's never been fat for a day in his life. I find it a bit harder to relate to trainers who have never had to lose weight before.

That aside, we had a great workout today and I'm really looking forward to getting going on this. We did crunches, squats, lunges, push ups, jumping jacks, (I'll have you know I just wrote "humping jacks" tee hee) step ups onto really tall platforms, oh, and ran up and down a flight of stairs 6 times. My trainer had these ropes that we took turns placing around our waist, and then tried to lunge our way across the gym like we were towing a car or something. He used all his might for resistance, which made for a good exercise!

We then did some squats with medicine balls and some stretching. It was just a bit of an intro day, immersing the newbies into the program. I worked up a good sweat and my trainer did push me a little extra like I was hoping (hovering over me during crunches, shouting at me hehe)

I am now home, showered, in my PJs, and looking forward to a bit of relaxation before bed :)

Bring on tomorrow!!

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