Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 7 WI & Halloween

I lost 2 lbs at WI this week, which is really just 1 pound, since I was up last week.

My home scale showed me at 214, but for some reason the gym scale said 215. Oh well, who's counting anyways?! ;P

Last night was nice. Joe and I went for dinner at my favourite restaurant. I had a cider and a delicious Tofu dish with veggies and rice. I ate until I was nicely full, and packed up the rest to go. That was quite a feat in itself because I LOVE this dish!! It's so good I could have easily overate. haha

We were dressed up really nice, and we were going to go to a movie when we got a phone call about a party that was happening. We both kind of felt up to it so we decided to go. We drove all the way home to pick up some wine and call a cab when we got another phone call that it was cancelled - the host was going out instead. So now we're home, all dressed up, and the movie has started.

We decided to just go with the flow and instead we stayed home. We drank wine, carved a pumpkin, baked pumpkin seeds and watched a scary movie. It was a cozy night in :)

Today is very busy for me, I have to plan some lessons for my practicum this week. I'm teaching French, English, and Math. Gulp!

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