Sunday, October 10, 2010

Month One Stats!!

Bootcamp Start Weight: 231 lbs
Today's Weight: 221.5
Month one loss: 9.5 LBS

Caliper readings, listed as start#/current#

Pec - 23/12
Subscapular - 39/26
Bicep - 14/12
Tricep - 26/20
Kidney - 50/34
Suprailiac - 26/22
Abdominal - 35/24
Quadracep - 52/42
Medial Calf - 23/18

In total I lost 78 clicks on the calipers, bringing my body fat percent down from 33.6 to 25.6!!

Lean Mass Start: 152.2 lbs
Current Lean Mass: 164.8 lbs

Fat on my body to start: 77.8 lbs
Current fat on my body: 56.7 lbs

As you can see, my body fat has gone down significantly and my lean mass has gone up. THAT is why, as frustrating as it is, I've only lost 9.5lbs according to the scale. In actuality, I have lost 20.9 lbs of Body Fat and gained 11.4 lbs of Lean Mass!

I really needed to hear that today!!
I was at the end of my rope. I was sick and tired of working so hard with no good news at the scale. I do feel like this assessment is right, as ALL my clothes fit better (or are too big!) I feel firmer and stronger, and people have been noticing the weight loss. To hear that I've lost 20lbs of fat really sounds RIGHT to me! It just has not been reflecting on the scale because of the 11.4 lbs of muscle and water that I've put on.

The ultimate goal during the program is to lose 10-20lbs of body fat per month, so although the scale isn't being nice, I'm actually right on track :)

Thank goodness for good news!!

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