Thursday, October 7, 2010

So I haven't written in a while. Life's been BUSY.

I had another 0 at weigh in last week. How frustrating!! 3 weeks at the same weight means I'm REALLY hoping to lose something this week. It really sucks to be going to the gym 6 days per week, watching my boyfriend eat delicious snacks, and *licks lips* the wine... oh how I miss the wine... all for a big fat GOOSE EGG at the scale.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude but it's hard. I'm paying BIG money for this bootcamp, I'm busting my arse. I know I'm not getting as much cardio in as I should be, however, I am juggling this with full time university and a job. I'm only human... my housework has certainly fallen to the wayside over all of this.

I've been trying not to binge eat, because I've been craving carbs pretty badly. I don't know if I'm eating enough protein because I am hungry ALL THE TIME. I have been getting a little mock ham in my lunch sandwich, and whatever tofu/Gardien chik'n/beans, etc that we have for dinner. It's enough to be healthful but I think I need more.

I had a little epiphany the other day. I was dragging my arse to the gym, as I feel like I have been doing all week. Ever since my last post about not wanting to go I've continued to feel like that. Yesterday when I was walking and whining inside my head "I don't want to go" "Ugh, I don't have time for this" etc, a little light bulb went on. By resisting it, I'm simply making it harder for myself. I need an attitude adjustment! Things are much more pleasant and much easier when we embrace them. I have taken the "it's happening, so I may as well try to enjoy it" attitude yesterday and today and I've had 2 really good workouts. Much better than if I got there and started thinking "This sucks, I'm going to just do 20 minutes" or whatever.

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  1. Hang in the PJ. The scale will move eventually - it has too. I too do negative thoughts about going to work out.... I sometimes have to think back to what I really want. Think about how badly you wanted to re-join this bootcamp. You made such a big decision and some sacrifices to be right where you are now, so make sure you give it your all. It is such a gift you are giving to yourself.

    Now when I do this, it doesn't always make me want to go to the gym, pretty often it at least gets me there! Skinny vibes for Sunday!