Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today I was a little bit late so I missed about 10 minutes of spin. That hardly matters 'cause I was still instantly sweating when I got on the bike!
I have a love hate relationship with spinning. I love it when I'm not there. I love how it makes me feel after, and how I feel proud that *I* go to spinning. I HATE it when I'm actually there, on the bike, flailing like a madwoman and having Zack shouting "HARDER,FASTER,GO!GO!GO!!"

Blarrrghhh *falls of spin bike*

It is a really busy week for me and I'm just not getting everything done. I have a presentation tomorrow morning, and another presentation on Friday morning. I have a bunch of little assignments due that I've been neglecting. I have been spending WAY too much time just surfing the internet and slacking off.

I feel like I ate too much today, but I didn't. I just ate more carbs & proteins than fruits and veggies. It feels like a poor balance.

B - Steel cut oats with blueberries, almond milk, and sprinkle of brown sugar
S - Apple, 99 cal dark chocolate
L - Bean burrito (hummus instead of cheese or sour cream)
S - Protein drink, kinda regretting this one as it turned out to be a whopping 300 cals!! YIKES. However, it was delish and packed with B vitamins and 20g soy protein.
D - Beans, rice, corn, and lentils mixed together. Small glass of OJ.
S - Triscuits with vegan cheese.

See what I mean? carb-heavy and not enough fruits and veggies. More calories than I should have eaten. Oh well. I will try to do better tomorrow :)

I am feeling pretty great about my weight loss lately. I think those progress pics really boosted my mood - to see that kind of change. I also have been actually enjoying the gym this week.

I stepped on the scale this morning and it is showing me up from Sunday. I know my pattern - Big loss, little/none, little/none, Big loss. So, after that week of 5.5 I'm thinking this will be a little-to-no-loss week. I'm going to put the effort in anyways, hopefully I'll at least stay the same!! I'd like to lose 1lb to crack that 140 lbs down mark :)

Sorry about my disjointed thoughts today. I'm kinda all over the place.

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