Saturday, January 22, 2011

Progress Pic - over 150 lbs down

So I thought I'd post some pictures... just for fun.
We have allllll seen the before pictures, this is nothing new.
Me in August of 2007:

These were taken last week at a event I attended:


  1. You look absolutely amazing and beautiful. Love your dress too :)

  2. PJ!!! It isn't just that you have changed physically, you can see that your spirit has changed. You look so happy.

    And hello! BF is very cute too!

  3. Hahah thanks Blue!!
    Yes my spirit has definitely changed - I feel like a whole new person :)

    And HELLO - I KNOW!! - Joe sure is cute isn't he?! Not only is he super cute but he's also an AMAZING person. <3 Lucky me. :)

  4. Lucky you and lucky him! He is blessed to have you! I agree you look absolutely beautiful and just so happy! :)

  5. what a transformation!!! you dont even look like the same girl!
    however still gorgeous!! congrats on your wonderful accomplishment!!!