Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dang, I gained.

These past few weeks have been tough for me, as I have been REALLY busy.

I hosted my first animal rights event, a fundraiser to send 3 local activists (friends of mine) to Japan to act as Sea Shepherd Cove guardians. The event went REALLY well and we raised over $1500! There was also a vegan bake sale and I ended up with a lot of the leftovers... eek :/

I also had dinner at a friends house, my boyfriend's birthday dinner, his mom's birthday dinner, and some other things that made for quick-meals or restaurant eating. I feel like it's time to really reign it in, not just for the calories/weight aspect, but for my budget!! haha

Last night I did overeat a bit. My boyfriend went out to a friends house and I watched a girly movie and ate enough popcorn for two. haha. I also had a couple of cookies - but I managed to stay away from the wine!! I really wanted some, and in hindsight one glass of wine would have been better than the two cookies I ate trying to ignore the wine. haha

I stepped on the scale this morning and it showed me up to 206, which is a gain of 2.6 lbs. I was hoping to have at least stayed the same over these past few weeks, but realistically I ate out A LOT and the only exercise I got was walking places.... so I am going to own that and take the gain. My official WI isn't until tomorrow so I'm trying to repent with water and fruit. haha

I think we start the P90X on Monday. I'll have to talk to the bf about it and see. I think either Sunday or Monday start, that way our rest day will be either Saturday or Sunday.

I will take before pictures and measurements, and after pictures and measurements. Let's see if this at home working out thing works. If it doesn't seem to be happening then I guess I will suck it up and start going to the crappy university gym.

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