Friday, January 28, 2011

Back in the swing of it

We have been doing th P90X for a few days. It's intense!!
It feels really good to be back on a regular exercise routine. I've been tracking my food every day and being overall very conscious!

I have been given a new practicum placement, with a new class/teacher/school. I'm very excited and I cannot WAIT to meet them! I went digging in my closet to find some clothes to wear and all of my size 18 dress pants are baggy in the butt. :( I went shopping at 3 different stores last night to find a pair of dress pants that would be suitable (and not too expensive.)

It seems I am in between sizes, and that sucks!! 18s are too big. They are saggy in the butt. 16s are just a bit too snug in the tummy, though. It's very frustrating! If there was a size 17 - I'd be it.

I tried on a zillion pairs of pants and I ended up buy one that is just a smidge too tight. I will continue wearing my saggy butt pants for another 5-10 lbs, and then try on the tight ones again. I'm hoping it will not be long before they fit properly!

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