Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gym goes under!!

So on Sunday, Joe & I went down to the gym to work out, to find the gates locked and everything closed up. We thought that was really weird but figured maybe and employee didn't show up for the opening shift or something. We didn't think too much of it, jogged around the waterfront and headed home.

The next day while I was at school Joe went down to the gym again. He texted me saying that it appears they have gone under!! There were big signs on the windows saying 'failure to pay rent' and that the locks had been changed. The parking lot was fully gated off.

I checked my bank account and my fees had come out THAT DAY, of - freaking - course.

So now I have to cancel all my checks. I called the bank and they can't claw back the money that has already been taken (ugh, oh well... they need it more than I do it seems)

I'm just glad they only got $34 of my dollars. I have a friend that is now out over $300 because she paid for a year up front, and those POOR PEOPLE who put out over $800 on the most recent Biggest Loser program!!! Oh my goodness!! I'm so glad I did the bootcamp and in September, and then opted out for the January program. I *almost* considered rejoining but I couldn't afford to do it twice in a row. PHEW!!

At this time we don't have a vehicle and this gym is suuuuuper close, (3-4 minute jog) from our house. The next closest gym is one that is on an awkward bus route and I don't know that I love the idea of bussing to and from the gym. (It would cancel out any spontaneous workouts, I feel. Also I wouldn't want to ride home sweaty and I hate showering at the gym).

Today Joe & I went down to the mall and bought a second yoga mat, balance ball, some more resistance bands, and a couple of weights. Thank GOODNESS he is a personal trainer and will keep our butts on track until we figure out a new gym plan. For now, we're going back to the idea of starting the P90X like we had talked about last month.

I'm frustrated and disappointed. I really liked this gym... the owner was great, the trainers were nice, the location was PERFECT!

Boo urns :(

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