Friday, January 14, 2011

All alone this summer :(

So it has been decided, and I don't like it!! haha

My boyfriend, who I live with, and who I have never been apart from for more than a few nights, and who I love with every fiber of my BEING... will be going away for THREE MONTHS!!

Who will cook for me, clean for me, and kick my arse to the gym??? haha.. just kidding. Kindof.

I am feeling like I'm going to miss him terribly, but it's for a good cause - getting an apprenticeship in sustainable farming... to come back here and hopefully be able to make some good $$. With me graduating in June and him getting this training, we will finally be set to pay off debt/buy a house/have kids... you know, all those things grown ups do :)

I know with technology it will be okay, Skype is a great tool to have... we'll have our phones and computers and whatnot.

Instead of being apprehensive about boredom eating and falling lazy, I'm trying to see it as 3 months to get my self in super-hot shape, so that when he returns he doesn't even recognize me!!

Blargh. I miss him already!!


  1. I am doing long distance and its tough. But stay focused on you and your goals. That's my new thing, and it REALLY motivates you.

  2. oh that sucks, hopefully the time will go by quickly and you will have him home again soon.