Sunday, January 9, 2011

Keeping on Track

I have been tracking diligently since New Years Day. I have been really doing well!
I was back up to 208.8 on New Years Day (all the Christmas happenings I am guessing), but as of this morning I am back down.

I'm now at 203.4... that's COMFORTABLY close to 200 lbs! hehe

Unfortunately I am going out for dinner not one, not two, but THREE times this week. Twice will be in restaurants and once will be at a friends house. I will have to make the best choices I can!

It is Joe's birthday tomorrow so I'm making vegan Reese Peanut Butter Cups for him in lieu of a cake. Thankfully, I am in charge of how much sugar goes in them, and I can make them into manageable sizes so they aren't KILLER on calories :)

I recently discovered the worlds most HEAVENLY ice-cream. It's Coconut Bliss Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge. It's a whopping 240 calories per HALF CUP!! But sooooooooo delicious *drool*

Joe and I have been taking about starting the couch to 5K. (Again, I swear I try it once a year haha) one day it will stick!! I think we decided to pass on the p90x because of the time commitment required. I will keep the videos on my laptop for if I get snowed in and need an at-home workout :)

I also rediscovered the amazingness that is... skipping!! My mp3 player froze at the gym and I despise doing cardio without good music. I went over to work on some weight/calisthenics when I saw it there in the corner... calling my name... a skipping rope!

I skipped for 10 minutes and it KICKED. MY. ASS.
I forgot how awesome it is! It works your abs and is amazing cardio at the same time. My heartrate was WAYYYY up, and I was sweating instantly. I need to get myself a skipping rope for at home... 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there... that would be awesome!

Here's to a lazy day of homework and laundry... I need it :)


  1. Hey P.J..... Just wanted to know what kind of cake you like, cause I will need to make it (the calorie free version of course)for the onderland party we will be having for you very shortly. Yay, don't cha love parites - lol

    I just started skipping as well. Why was it so easy as a kid! Great cardio workout though.

  2. Eeeks! I'm so excited for you!

    You have worked so hard for so long to say buh bye to that 2!

    And umm vegan resse peanut butter cups?