Friday, December 17, 2010

water water water... exercise!

Today my mission is to drink 4 or more liters of water.
I am only .8 away from my 150 lbs lost...

I am having fresh fruit for snacks, hummus and pita for lunch, and a nice homemade veggie spaghetti for dinner.

My boyfriend went and renewed my gym membership for me while I was at work yesterday, which is really sweet of him. (It would have been even sweeter if he had paid for it :P)

So I'm going to eat fresh today and drink lots of water, go to the gym after work and then relax with movies this evening. I have my fingers crossed that that will be the boost I need to lose the last .8... and reach a really big mini-goal :)

~ H


  1. good luck PJ!!!

    lol, add a few prunes as an evening snack to ensure a loss :)

  2. We're rooting for ya P.J. Can't wait to hear the official word!

  3. Sending skinny vibes your way. Good luck!