Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pardon my emo-ment

So last night I was having a bit of an emo moment. I was really upset that the dress I bought was too tight. Today I returned it and spent 4 hours shopping in the mall, boyfriend in tow, looking for a more suitable outfit.

I found it! I found a purple dress at Ricki's (in Large!). I loved it and bought it. Then, I went across the way and saw ANOTHER perfect dress. I tried it on and my boyfriend liked it better than the one I'd just bought. So we went back to Rickis to return the purple dress and went home with the new, prettier (also Large) dress from Guava. Good Gawd, after 4 hours of shopping I am glad I found SOMETHING. I think I tried on 30-40 dresses. haha

It's beautiful. I will post pictures when I'm not so tired. All that walking and getting changed is very exhausting.

~ H

1 comment:

  1. Think of all the activity points earned trying on all of those dresses :p

    Cannot wait to see the pictures. Looking at your progress pics I wonder if the 355lb PJ, ever in a million years thought that she would ever be wearing a size Large dress.

    You look amazing and will totally rock your new dress. Wear it proudly.