Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long catch-up post :)

Rum and soynog... YUM!

I think I'm getting into the Christmas spirit, as I've been enjoying my fair share of baking and drinks. I am SO HAPPY to be finished my practicum and there has been an awful lot of celebrating. There are Christmas parties this weekend and next, then Christmas (and then New Years!). A good 3 weeks of celebrating are upon me.

I don't feel worried, or stressed about weight. I'm still at my lowest weight (208), and I've been keeping an eye on it. I am going to get my arse back to the gym starting either Monday or Tuesday. If not for losing, I'd be happy to exercise for the sake of exercising and keeping any Seasonal Pounds from creeping on. My boyfriend and I are excited about having a few weeks off together, and one of the things that is so exciting is being able to get some good quality, scheduled exercise in. :)

I am asking for some weights and resistance bands for Christmas, and Joe & I are going to try out the P90X workouts. It is an intense at-home workout routine that yields AMAZING results when done properly. I'm excited :)

I have had a few neat experiences recently. People are noticing my weight loss and it's really nice. The other day I was out for a birthday dinner with my family, and my mom said the strangest thing to me in the ladies washroom.

"Heather, you're looking very... normal."

It was a sideways compliment I guess, she meant it in the best way possible... what she was trying to say is that I don't look overweight anymore. I know I'm still overweight but I finally LOOK fairly normal! I don't stand out in a crowd (at least not because of my weight). :)

This next bit might sound a bit vain, but I feel safe to blog it, so here it goes:

I have a girl friend who I have always thought "she looks great. She's not too small, and I'd be happy to look like that!!" Well, the other day we were talking about weight loss efforts etc, and she divulged her weight to me. She's only TEN POUNDS lighter than me. TEN! I know our bodies are shaped differently, but we are the same height and similar build otherwise. I was secretly so happy to hear that because I have always thought she looked great... that means I'm probably not too far off :)

So overall, these past few weeks have been a little lacking in exercise and a little heavy in treats, but I'm maintaining my weight and a good attitude. I am going to ride it out with a stay the same or small loss this holiday season, I'm hoping :)

~ H

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