Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's over, but it ain't over...

So, Although I'm disappointed, I'm not dwelling on it.
I missed the week of bootcamp and it was entirely due to end-of-semester busyness and very little to do with motivation. I've been wanting so badly to get out and get exercising. I've been wanting fresher foods around the house and cannot WAIT for my break do I can clean up and work out.

Today would be the day that I take my measurements and pictures and what not, but I feel like it wouldn't be that accurate of a comparison. I lost 22 lbs in 9 weeks, and then week 10, 11, and 12 were written off. One for laziness, two for business. I knew getting into the program that that would be a possibility.

Would I do it again?? Heck yes!! I love that kind of accountability and butt-kicking :) It's too expensive for me right now, but I do enjoy it a lot.

In my 3 weeks away from tracking and working out, I went up, up more, down, down more, fluctuating all over the place. This morning, I stepped on the scale (sunday mornings are my Official WI day) and I am back down to my lowest. :) Thank goodness!

Start 231
Current 208.8
Total 22.2
Total lost to date: 146.2

I don't know that I'll make 199 by New Years Day, but I'm sure I can make 150 lbs lost by New Years day. That's only 3.8 lbs away!

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  1. Its tough you missed out on the last three weeks but you did fantastic and you are doing soooo well! You should be really proud of all you have accomplished and how you have changed your lifestyle and made it stick! Way to go Paisley Jane! You are fantastic! :)