Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scale addiction

I have been weighing myself every day. Sometimes twice. I know this is a bad habit to have, but I still do it. The number doesn't effect my mood or my behaviour, but perhaps that is because it has been creeping down or staying the same. If I had a giant gain it might be a different story.

I would hide the scales but my boyfriend is a daily weigher, too. Maybe we can talk about hiding them and weighing in together once per week. I'll report back what the decision is...



  1. Hey P.J. Thanks for posting on my blog. Think you can hold off weighing in until Wednesday? I challenge you- haha there now I know that you will do it.

    You are doing fantastic btw..... I worry that people have fallen off the wagon when they stop writing so I was really glad to see that you were just too darn busy loving your life :)

  2. OKAY Sharon, considering tomorrow is Tuesday, I figure I can skip a day!! hehehe... oh that sounds easy but I know I'll be tempted in the morning. I'll keep you posted!! Thanks for the challenge... I will do my best!