Tuesday, August 24, 2010

good day, not so good day

Yesterday: (GOOD DAY)

Woke up, jogged to the gym, worked out for an hour, walked home. Then, I walked to and from work (to work, home for lunch, to work, back home). I ate well, then in the evening I biked over to a friends house and back. It was a really great day!!

Woke up, walked to work. Ate thai food for lunch. Walked home. We are having vegan pizza for dinner, and plans to drink some cider and have a stay-in night. I'm okay with all this but feeling a little guilty about the thai lunch AND pizza AND cider in one day - with little exercise.

Tomorrow is my first WI for my Long Term Challenge (30lbs by Dec 31)

HOWEVER - That said - tomorrow I am going to Vancouver with my mom and sister for a girls day, so we will be WALKING ALL DAY and shopping. I imagine I'll be walking for 8-10 hours. Okay. I feel better now. Sort of... :P


  1. Okay not really. I don't REALLY feel better. haha.

  2. Looks like you got a whole weeks worth of exercise out of the way yesterday! Enjoy the pizza and cider :)