Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biggest Loser - Round Two??

I *REALLY* want to do The Biggest Loser bootcamp again.

But it is SO MUCH money!

I've been researching, and all the bootcamps around here average between 160 and 200 dollars a month. They are crazy expensive, but after experiencing the bootcamp last summer I know it's worth it.

The one in particular I want to do - Biggest Loser (the one I started this blog for last summer) - is $820 for THREE MONTHS. That's a lot of money!! It was only $450 last year so obviously they've discovered that people will pay big bucks to lose so much weight.

However, I know it works. I did it last year and lost 43 lbs in 12 weeks. I wasn't even giving it my all - go back and read my posts! Occasionally I would skip days, drink on weekends, and not always follow the plan. I did also have great days, however I was in a dark place after leaving my husband. I still managed to loose that much in that short of a time. I really feel like if I were to do it again - now that I'm so much HAPPIER and STRONGER, and now that I know what I'd be committing to - I really feel like it would get me to my goal weight - or really close.

I feel so ready to be at goal. It's been over 4 years since I started this journey.

Trouble is coming up with that kind of money...

I was thinking about asking my family to contribute, they are usually quite supportive in my weight loss endeavors. It is my birthday in a few weeks so I may ask for that in lieu of gifts. I don't know...

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