Saturday, May 30, 2009

Starting Stats

BODY WEIGHT: 280.5 lbs
BODY FAT: 33.9 %
LBS OF BODY FAT: 95.3 lbs
LEAN MASS: 185.2

Since the goal is to keep 25-30 lbs of body fat, the total body fat I need to lose is 65.3 lbs. Of course I will lose water, and a tiny bit of lean mass. My personal goal weight is 177.5 lbs, the goal weight my trainer has set for me is 170 lbs. Honestly, I'll be happy with anything under 200!

CHEST: 44.75"
WAIST: 47"
HIPS: 57"
ARMS: 17.75"
LEGS: 33"
CALVES: 18.75"

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