Saturday, May 30, 2009

Goodbye Beer

Okay so... I've officially signed my flab away.

I spent the greater part of the day pining over the fact that:

a) I won't be able to drink alcohol during warm summer months;

b) I have to drag my sorry arse out of bed at 5 am 3x per week;

c) No more extravagant veggie feasts that I've been cooking and enjoying lately!

I pull up to the gym. I walk in and meet the manager. We sit down in her office, where all the walls are plastered with photographs of competitive bodybuilders complete with spray tans and zillion-pack abs. I feel like I'm possibly the most gelatinous person to ever set foot in that office.

For the sake of full disclosure, I must admit I am typing this blog while eating a bowl of butterscotch swirl soy ice-cream.

We talked about my diet, and she was very vocally against vegetarianism (but also uneducated about the subject so it's not any realistic vote against it). She kept saying "WHY?" "But, Whyyyyy?" haha. She asked if I was one of those 'cute little lambs' kind of people. I said "Uhh... If you mean do I do it for ethical reasons, then yes, I am one of those cute little lamb people."

Hehehe. Whatever, I don't mind that she was ignorant about the subject. She's just concerned I won't meet the protein requirements for such an intense program, but I will. It's not hard to consume enough protein as a vegetarian, even when working out. A 1/2 block of tofu has 26 grams of protein. 1/4 cup of seitan has 22 grams. I veggie burger has 15 grams. It won't be hard.

We did a weigh, measure, and body fat analysis. We talked about my expectations, which apparently were quite low. I said I'd be happy losing 30 lbs in 12 weeks... her reply was "Pfffft! You'll lose at LEAST 30. I'd say 50 or 60 - Eaaaasy."


I actually have a lot less weight to lose than I initially thought. She figures I'd be fit at around 170 lbs, which I agree with. (I'm kinda tall, and my frame isn't small). Apparently I only have abut 65 lbs of actual fat to lose, the rest is either lean mass or water. Awesome.

I will make another post with the actual statistics in it, and then update the progress from there.

Tomorrow is our first day. We meet at 5:00 pm. I'm supposed to show up in something semi-unflattering for "before" photos. I meet my team members, my trainer, go over the meal plan, and do our first work out! I'm scared, since her encouragement for the workout was "hopefully you don't puke!"

Yeah. Hopefully...

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