Friday, May 29, 2009

Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid!

Ahhhhhh! Ack!
I'm SO excited. EEE!

Okay, This was entirely spur of the moment, but I'm doing it and I'm SO excited!

I was out for my evening walk and I saw a poster for "Biggest Loser Nanaimo." I freaked and whipped out my cell phone and called the gym, only to find out that the registration date had already passed.

I ended up pleading with the manager and he said that it starts SUNDAY... so if I can fill out all the paperwork and initial weigh-in stuff before Sunday, I'm allowed in!!

I practically ran home and figured out my funds and schedule, and it totally works. I will have to be a bit frugal this summer, butttt I figure it's worth it. Plus I won't have time to spend my money, I'll be working out too much! haha

The Program:

There are 40 participants. We're broken into teams, with trainers, just like on the show. We have team training sessions 3x per week, and then 2x per week we are with an assigned partner. Each Sunday we meet at the gym and do an official WI!!

There is a diet plan laid out (I told her I'm vegetarian-nearing-vegan and she said we'll work with that) and our personal trainers will be monitoring our food logs, etc.

It's pretty expensive but I'm really excited about it. I checked the website and it's actually "Biggest Loser" brand name, not just a knock off... I assume the gym and trainers had to actually learn the BL program to be able to use it's name.


The prize (which really, I'm just doing it for the weight loss, the prize would be sweet though) is a 1 year membership at the gym, 1 year of weekly personal trainer sessions, and a cash prize.

I. Can't. Wait.

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