Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The funniest thing happened the other day.

I decided to get my arse back to the gym (thank goodness! more on that in a moment) and I was talking with one of the trainers from the bootcamp. She said she was glad to see me back. After we were finished catching up this girl beside me on the elliptical asked: "Are you a vegetarian?"

I was like... vegan, yes?

She said she had read my blog and recognized me! Hehe... I didn't think anyone read this, ever! I guess she googled something about the bootcamp I was in and it came up. That kinda inspired me to get back to writing here, so... if you read this, and that was you at the gym - thanks! I will be posting my workouts and weightloss and stuff again. Perhaps adding some food photos and stuff. Yay :)

SO... on a personal note, things are going great for me. You'll notice in my last post that I was complaining about not knowing any other vegans or vegetarians, and about wanting to start a potluck or meetup. WELL... my how things have changed!

In that short of time, I've managed to move into a new place and all my roommates are either vegan or vegetarian. It is amazing - I'm so happy here! I've made so many new friends and I'm surrounded by awesome people who feel as passionately about animals as I do. They cook fantastic food which isn't so great for the weight loss, but I'm feeling especially inspired these days so I know that won't be too big of an obstacle.

Also... I have managed to get myself a very cute, very nice, wonderful vegan boyfriend <3

An awesome added bonus? He's in school for personal training, so he's going to kick my arse at the gym!! I will post about my weightloss and workouts here. I've already started, I've been the the gym 4 or 5 times recently. I haven't restarted WeightWatchers/portion control yet, so that's next on my list. I'm pretty happy about getting back into a proper workout routine though, and better yet - with an enthusiastic and motivating (and sexy!) workout partner :)

I gained back almost 12 lbs of the weight I lost over the summer, but I'm still at over 100lbs lost. I tend to do that though... lose 80, take a few months off and gain 10, lose 40, take a few months off and gain 12, etc etc... as long as it's going in the general downward direction I'm happy. It's a bit annoying but I know it won't take too long to re-lose that weight.

Anyways... I'm back! (I feel like I say that a lot? haha)

Once I have my workout routine down on paper from the boy, I will post it here. Also I will start posting my food. (Not today, as lunch consisted of vegan pizza and chocolate almond milk, haha) :/

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